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Your product featured in Amazon Editorial Recommendations


What are Amazon Editorial Recommendations?

Amazon Editorial Recommendations is a section near the top of search results that features product related articles written by third party content creators such as influencers and bloggers.

Shoppers see snippets on the featured products with an option to read the full article and learn more details about each product.

Having an independent and trusted third party write specifically about your product garners massive credibility and trust...

It's like having a paid review appear at the top of search results!


  • More Sales

  • More Traffic

  • More Visibility

  • Increased Conversion

  • Brand Awareness

  • Social Proof & Trust

  • Powerful Partnerships

    As a professional, full service PR agency, we have agency relationships with many publishers eager to write about and promote high quality products. When you submit your product to us, we approach the most appropriate publishers suited to write with authority in your product niche.

    Analytics Dashboard

    Realtime Analytics Dashboard giving you the ability to track the performance of your article and the benefits you reap!

    Includes details such as:

    1) Transactions and details driven by articles

    2) Article go live date and links

    3) SOV (share of voice) report - when, how often article appears for particular keywords

    How It Works

    Editorial Recommendations are part of the Onsite Associates Program (OSP), where third party content creators write and feature product related content.

    STEP 1

    Submit information for your product / ASIN.

    STEP 2

    prREACH starts creating and pushing content in front of Amazon approved publishers.

    STEP 3

    Once the article is written, it’s submitted to Amazon for approval and publication.


    We're currently accepting submissions for Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and Amazon.co.uk only.

    If your ASIN is approved, we will generally have your article written and published in 4-6 weeks (3-4 weeks for the UK).

    Product Approval Criteria

    Find out what kind of products are ideally suited for Amazon Editorial Recommendations

    • 4+ Star Rating

    • Product is not related to religion, politics, sex or drugs.

    • ASIN rank in the top 20% of product category

    • 100+ Reviews

    • Submitted keywords should rank on Page #1

    • $20K-$30K monthly seller account revenue

    If you don’t meet the above criteria, talk to us, we can build a plan to help get you there!

    Making The Most of Your Amazon Editorial Recommendations

    Here’s some tips to get your article placed for your desired keywords.

    Ensure you meet or exceed the criteria in the checklist

    Only by maintaining the minimum criteria required for publication can you ensure that your article continues to be promoted by Amazon.

    Continuing Keyword Support

    Once your article is placed, continue to support the keywords you’ve been placed for (you’ll see this information in your dashboard that we provide).

    For those that want to really beat out your competitors and get more Share of Voice from Amazon, talk to us about our enhanced service that you can add on that sends powerful signals to the Editorial algorithm.

    Apt Keyword Selection

    The primary terms you rank best for are the ones that Amazon will take into greatest consideration. Remember, they want this to be a profitable venture, so ensure any terms you’re pursuing are well supported.

    This means that your product detail page and back end should be fully optimized and indexed for those terms, plus running PPC on them. The idea is that you’re doing everything you can to convince Amazon to give you those high value keywords and edge out your competitors!

    In fact, we will rarely submit keywords for an ASIN that are not on page 1, so we’ve included that into our criteria

    Checking Performance Metrics

    Finally, while we do our best to monitor your articles performance and ensure it’s optimization, you should take it upon yourself to check your performance metrics at least once a month.

    Pricing Per ASIN

    Basic Editorial Recommendations

    Now Available For:

    $200 + 15% GMV


    *GMV Gross Merchandise Value means all sales commissions and / or revenue share from Amazon On Site Associates Program (OSP), in any market or region and affiliate links where prREACH relationships are used.


    Advanced Editorial Recommendations

    Includes powerful monthly off site article submissions

    $300 + 15% GMV


    *GMV Gross Merchandise Value means all sales commissions and / or revenue share from Amazon On Site Associates Program (OSP), in any market or region and affiliate links where prREACH relationships are used.


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    Q: Does my ASIN qualify for ER?

    A: Not every ASIN is approved, and this is not a strategy for brand new products and sellers, and while we've seen exceptions, these are the general guidelines for approval: 100 review minimum above 4 stars Monthly revenue greater than $30,000 Falls within the top 20% of Best Seller Ranking (BSR) for it's category Regularly in stock with inventory Not religion, sex, most supplements, medical or drug related

    Q: Can I have more than one article live for a single ASIN?

    Yes! We can submit more articles for your ASIN at a reduced initial curation fee. The monthly charges would be GMV 10% of attributed sales per article, but the monthly maintenance fee would stay at $125 per ASIN, regardless of how many articles each ASIN has.

    Q: Can I write the article?

    A: No. All articles are written by Onsite Associates members, we have no influence / responsibility for what is written. Bear in mind that the OSP wants to paint your article in a favorable light in order to garner clicks.

    Q: How long will my article be live for?

    A: Your article will go into rotation with other articles and can show up for years if it remains keyword relevant and your product is in stock.

    Q: What if my article is removed or no longer in rotation?

    A: If your article no longer has any SOV (Share of Voice), we'll help launch new content at no extra cost to you.

    Q: Can I get my article ranked for specific keywords?

    A: Yes and no. We submit keywords to the OSP, but ultimately they're writing it, not us. So, the keywords are usually in line with the title of the product and the title of the article.

    Q: Can I get an article edited or changed once published?

    A: No, not really. Sometimes after a period of time, we can request these changes, but it's not always an easy thing to do. Generally speaking though, as mentioned before, articles are favorable as they're created to garner clicks.

    Q: How many articles can show up for a specific keyword?

    A: Usually around 6 articles will appear for a given keyword. This is also a very important consideration for your submission and why you don't want to wait on submitting your ASIN and keywords, because once a keyword is "full" of articles, it's difficult to supplant those sellers. In this instance, it's a case of "the first mouse gets the cheese", so if you're on the fence, get off and submit now!

    Q: What information does the Onsite Partners (OSP) use to create the article?

    A: They use your product listing itself to create the article, including reviews. So, it's in your best interests to ensure your listing is fully optimized and contains complete information that any consumer would want to know.

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